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Access Control
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Access control
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ZKBioSecurity 3.0 is the latest innovative solution from ZKTeco. ZKBioSecurity 3.0 has set new benchmarks on advancement and effectiveness in the field of security.

Access Control System

Access Control is a trending innovative solution to create secure access into the building through the verification of authorized access material either a Card or biometric imprint such as Finger print.

Customer Care

Reliance Networks offer the best ZKTeco Customer support in the nation. We offer flexible customer support including Download facilities, Online Support, Warranty Support, and Local Support.

in Sri Lanka

The SF1000 is equipped with state-of-the-art fingerprint reader for secure and e...

in Sri Lanka

The SF300 is an IP based fingerprint terminal, which operate in both netwo...

in Sri Lanka

Attendance Device ZKTeco K14 is an innovation biometric fingerprint Time attenda...

in Sri Lanka

MA300, one of the innovative biometric fingerprint readers for access control ap...

in Sri Lanka

MA500 is an advanced biometric access control terminal that can be operated in s...

in Sri Lanka

TF1700 is one of the world’s smallest Ethernet connection-based fingerprint te...

in Sri Lanka

iFace402 multi-biometric identification Time & Attendance and Access Control...

in Sri Lanka

Users can easily manage data by networking U300-C via RS232/485, TCP/IP. Most im...

in Sri Lanka

Large Capacity Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal...

in Sri Lanka

With the latest ZK platform and algorithm, iFace800 can hold up to 1, 200 faces ...

in Sri Lanka

PT100 is a fingerprint patrol tour device with 1.44-inch LCD. It helps ensure th...

in Sri Lanka

Fingerprint Standalone Access Control Supports PIN, Card and Fin...


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We deliver numerous ZKTeco solutions including Access Control Systems, Card Systems, Card Readers, Verification System, Biometric Algorithm solutions, Biometric reader, Security Software, Electronic Door Locks, Tripod, RFID systems, Access Control Panels and much more.

Fingerprint Machine Dealers
in Sri Lanka

Access Control is one of the vital segment in the security of a building or place. ...

Fingerprint Technology
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Security is a wide area comprising several sections. This consist of protection of computer systems, video surveillance, alarm ...


ZKTeco will always be with you.

What is Access Control System?

Access Control System is a security system that helps to maintain restricted access into your building.

What are the platforms of Access Control Systems?

Access control system has several working platforms such as Access Cards, Biometric Algorithms (e.g.Finger print) RFID, etc.

How Smart Locks work?

Electronic door locks or smart locks generally has a card reader that scans and verifies the access card to open the door for you.

What is the backset of your lock?

Different latch or mortise has different backset standard. We have three types: 55mm, 60mm, 70mm.

What is the door thickness requirement of your lock?

Different lock has different requirement. Please check with specifications.

Can my fingerprint be stolen for unlocking purpose?

All saved fingerprint template is the characteristic points only,which cannot be used to restore the original fingerprint images. And therefore no privacy issues are involved.

Can I change the handle direction by myself?

For some DIY items, you can freely change handle direction without tools; For the others, you need special tools to change handle direction.

The lock is open when you turn the handle without any verification, why?

The lock is under normal open mode,please open the lock with fingerprint/password/card to disable this mode.

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About Reliance

Reliance Networks is the main dealer of ZKTeco in Sri Lanka. We offer the best Time and Attendance solutions. We also deliver Fingerprint Systems, ZKTeco Apps and Smart Lock Systems. Our Time and Attendance, Fingerprint, Smart Lock Systems and Apps stand out to be the best innovative and effective solutions in the island. Our expert staffs offer the most comprehensive ZKTeco support.

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