Fingerprint Machine Dealers in Sri Lanka


Access Control is one of the vital segment in the security of a building or place. It is the process of securing the entering and exit in the building. Most modern-day companies, organizations, governments, and even homes are implemented with an access control system. An access control system is typically based on a platform that helps to identify the individual. Biometric imprints, RFID, Access Cards are some of the typical platforms used in the process. There are a number of biometric imprints such as fingerprint, facial structure, retina, iris, etc.

The use of fingerprint machine in access control system is increasingly common, effective, and successful. Fingerprint machine or fingerprint scanner scans the unique bio-identification and recognizes the individual. The system then grants access and exits into the building or system which it’s been covered. There are several companies that are well appraised for developing the fingerprint technology into access control system. ZKTECO is one of the leading companies which is highly successful and enthused in developing fingerprint or biometric uses.

Reliance Networks is a ZKTECO Fingerprint Machine supplier in Sri Lanka

Reliance Networks is a dealer of ZKTECO products in Sri Lanka. We are also the importers of fingerprint based access control system. Our company is known to produce the Sri Lanka’s most innovative and effective access control solution, especially with the use of fingerprint scanners. We have suppliers in most of the big cities. We are known for our best price as fingerprint machine suppliers in Sri Lanka.

Our highly talented team have been providing access control solution in a diverse range from offices, to factories, to homes. We deliver products that are tailor made for a vast variety of needs.