ZKTECO Fingerprint Technology in Sri Lanka

Security Solutions

 Security is a wide area comprising several sections. This consist of protection of computer systems, video surveillance, alarm systems, access control, and backups, etc. The current era is now in the ongoing job of discovering and marketing products and solutions that improves these security concerns. Access Control is an important section of a place relating to its security measures. An access control system offers controlled and restricted access into a building or a particular section of the building. The central task of an access control system is to permit only the authorized personnel into the enclosed section.


ZKTECO Access Control


Access Control is a gradually popular and highly acclaimed security system. The system functions based on a number of platforms such as access cards, RFID technology, and biometric technology. The most advanced, common and well-received platform of them all is biometrics. The system uses unique biometric traits such as fingerprint, retina, iris pattern, voice waves, etc. in order to identify an individual and provide access from thereon. The use of fingerprint in access control system is common and successful and is now been introduced in Sri Lanka by none other than Reliance Networks.


ZKTECO Fingerprint Solutions


Reliance Networks in Sri Lanka, has partnered with ZKTECO – a leading industrialist of access control systems using fingerprint and other platforms – to update Sri Lanka and enhance security with these new inventions. There new fingerprint machines are promoted with the potential to bring new levels of security to offices, industries, homes, and even government. The system contains a fingerprint scanner to scan every fingerprint placed on its screen. The scanned image will be matched against the stored fingerprint templates within the system to identify the person. They system uses an advanced fingerprint algorithm to find matches between the two templates. The performance of the fingerprint machine depends number of factors, including number of stored templates, scanning and processing time, and accuracy of the results.


ZKTECO and Reliance Networks


ZKTECO designs and manufactures fingerprint readers that provides industry leading performances. Their fingerprint machine can scan and process hundreds of fingerprint templates in just one minute. Their fingerprint reader is also highly accurate, capable of recognizing shadows and other lighting effects and neglecting them in the scanning process.


Fingerprint based access control system in Sri Lanka brings high security to the society together with convenience. Reliance Networks has a team of expert professionals in the field. Our team can provide the best access control solution customized exclusively based on the client’s needs.